Enterprise Online makes it possible to automate your business easily without worry. You never have to worry again about updates, backups and security, and there are no fees for server and network  maintenance anymore. From now on, everywhere where internet is available, it is possible to work reliable, secure and safe.

The promise of working online is big! Still many companies stay reluctant, because they have doubts about reliability, security and possible access by unauthorized third parties to valuable business.

This fear is unfounded, because at most companies the security and reliability of on-premises servers and network are much less well organized than with Enterprise Online.

With Enterprise Online for example, hardware failures are virtually excluded. The software is hosted in a SAS 70 Type II certified data center. The data center is equipped with a VESDA fire protection system and is resistant to earthquakes, where the requirements for "Seismic Zone 4" are well be surpassed.

Access to the data center is limited to verified employees and the center is equipped with 24x7 security staff. To enter the building, first a mantrap must be passed, which is operated by security guards. For passage of this mantrap both a keycard and biometric verification are needed. Access to other areas is further controlled with the keycard.

Furthermore, an OC-192 SONET Ring is implemented, with which a speed of 10 gigabit/sec is achieved. With this high-speed, redundant fibre network, it is possible to hourly replicate all data from the main data center to a second data center. With this design, Enterprise Online will be always available, no matter what kind of hardware or other failures take place..

Enterprise Online  

Enterprise Online